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12pk Berry Flavor CrampX 12-8oz fluid ounce bottles


A Leg Cramp, Foot Cramp or Muscle Cramp is a painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to minutes. If you do not treat the cramp right away you are left with muscle soreness for days. You may try to massage out the cramp by rubbing where it hurts but this can be challenging during the cramp ignition. Dr. Dempsey has studied this condition with his patients for over 20 years. His findings indicate, "it's a micro deficiency" in the body that will vary from patient to patient. What does this mean, your body is lacking an ingredient so small it would not show up in blood work.

What can Stop Leg Cramps

Dr. Dempsey has derived a special proprietary formula to prevent Leg Cramps at night by simply drinking CrampX juice prior to bedtime. Many find keeping a bottle of CrampX on their nightstand comforting because CrampX works in seconds. By placing product on the nightstand patients can drink as needed. Customer testimonials state cramping does not come back for hours and sometimes days. Others make the claim CrampX works in 42 seconds! Thank you for your consideration.

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