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Clay Clear Out Detox Clay Bath is a clay designed for a body bath or foot bath. Draws toxins through the skin.
Year Round Detox! Spring is an especially good time to detox. Draw the toxins built up over winter and get ready for spring.

Clear-Out Detox Clay Bath assists in eliminating
: mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. This bath's herbs and spices assists in addressing the issues of parasites, allergies, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, memory and much more.

Sources of Clear Out Toxins: adhesives, talc and body powders, broken thermometers, vaccinations, dental fillings, cosmetics, fungicides, laxatives, sea foods, sewage disposal, tattoos, suppositories and more.

Symptoms/diseases related to the Clear-Out Bath: helps relieve pain, releases toxins in the body, assists in removal of parasites and worms, assists with viruses and bacteria removal, calms the nerves, helps with depression, contains an antibiotic herb, helps with muscular and pain relief, circulation, digestion and youthfulness.

LL Magnetic Clay bath kits are packaged in bulk and will administer (10) one cup baths per kit. Included in each kit are 5 lbs of bulk formula, 8 pages of graphic step-by-step instructions, 15 pH testing strips, fiberglass drain screen, flat drain stopper, and herbal formula pack. LL Magnetic Clay Clear Out Clay Bath can be used as a natural foot detox.

 Download Clay Bath Instructional Guide

This Clay Bath Assists in Eliminating: mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. This bath's herbal components also assist in addressing issues of parasites, allergies, anxiety, mood, memory, and more. Clear-Out also relieves muscular and joint pain, increases circulation, enhances digestion, calms the nerves, and brings about general health and overall youthfulness to the body.  For a further list of diseases that may be curable with this and the other clay bath products, click here.

Sources of Environmental Toxicity: air pollution, polluted municipal and ground water supplies, various toxins passed up the food chain. The sources for environmental toxins are near limitless in our industrialized world.

Related Symptoms of Environmental Toxicity: the World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged environmental pollution as the underlying cause in nearly 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases. Toxic chemicals and metals have the potential to negatively impact every biological function occurring within your body.

Can I use the Magnetic Clay baths in massage?

In short, yes. 

Although we encourage the use of the clay in full baths, foot baths, or clay packs as primary means for detoxification, it is also possible to utilize the clay in a massage capacity. 

As you may know, raw sodium bentonite clay absorbs large amounts of water and also has a tendency to clump during the mixing process. However, when introduced to an oil, such coconut or jojoba oil, the clay will readily merge creating a relatively uniform consistency. The benefit of this combination when used in massage is that it also has an exfoliating effect on top of its ability to detoxify. 

The downside is that the adsorbent properties (drawing power) of the clay are decreased significantly, since oils are one of the various items that adhere to the surface of the clay - as opposed to water which will actually increases the surface area as it causes the clay to swell. 


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